Budapest Barbecue Company has been working on an interesting culinary project in the last couple of weeks. The project got its name ‘Barbecue around the world’ to show new genre waves in Budapest’s gastronomy.

During this trip across different cuisines of the world, we would like to show the possibilities in barbecue: our restaurant cooperated with others to create fundamentally new dishes with the taste-specifics from each country, bringing the contrasts into harmony.

We chose to cooperate with restaurants, who are passionate about food, have innovative thinking and trying to create community with their everyday work – to provide their food in the highest quality and give also a lovely experience to the guests.


We have been following Fuji’s work for years now and are truly enthusiastic about the way they represent Japanese cuisine on the most professional way at Hungary. Since its inception, Fuji’s kitchen has always been managed by highly skilled chefs well versed in the ingredients, methods and subtleties of traditional Japanese cuisine. Fuji uses only the freshest, highest quality ingredients in all of their dishes.

Through America’s legendary barbecue restaurants, the owners of Budapest Barbecue Company gathered the experience and discovered the tiniest secrets of making the perfect barbecue. We intended to give a slice of America through the restaurant we dreamed of to meat and barbecue fans living in Hungary.


As the result of the collaboration between Budapest Barbecue Company and Fuji Japanese Restaurant, truly exciting dishes were born! We hope to surprise our guests with absolutely unique tastes and experience as well. You will find the Texas-style, smoked flavors highlighted by Far East’s fresh and spicy savor to complete each other in a soup and a main dish.


Miso soup with gyoza filled smoked USDA beef brisket, smoked tofu and fresh chives

Main course

Honey-ginger mangalitsa pulled pork with toasted sesame sweet potato, grilled shiitake mushroom, smoked teriyaki sauce and wafu cabbages

Price of full menu (soup and main course): 4.590 HUF (€14)

The menu can be served in each restaurant between 6th May and 6th June, according to the bookings:



As a result of this special collaboration, the Japanese-American bbq menu is available at both participating restaurants between 6 May and 6 June. It is a one-time event, you will not be able to taste this food at other times and elsewhere!

For the first time in the table reservation process, choose the restaurant where you want to consume the menu and then specify when and how many people arrived. (Fuji and BBC’s menu will only be served according to pre-sent table reservations at both restaurants.)

See you soon!